this is my first attempt to translate one of my poems.have pity my friends. 🙂 


Expired Diodes   



            A ladybug in gloomy dress 

            Is agonizing on my corky face 



Bethink how we were polishing the glassy riverbanks 

with our amandine blood distilled into snow balls falling from our embrace 

above the dirt dough 

and among UFOs’ serrated sprockets 

Do you recognize the smell of oldness in amber or in a ray-raisin that ended the horizon 

hiding it  

in the eternity of letters-caterpillars 

floundering inside our fantastic words 

Do you remember, butterfly  

how much sense used to have a contre-jour 

with us 

weighting our souls on waves 

for the Last Judgment Day 

Can you remember how to transmute in our language 

one hundred years of unconsumed tenderness 

and how could one demonstrate 

that two parallel love stories can asymptotically-anecdotic meet 

at “never” point on nobody’s axis  

Does your legs-spreading family have ever welcomed another wailing infant 

made out of backwardly hem-stitched rhymes like me 

You might still remember how many verses got uselessly drowned  

in candor 

or you might recognize the sword-fish frying on your solicitous lover’s retina 

that’s me inside my sword-fish  

Do you ever dream of incidentally tripping over my heart’s spout 

Where seconds-recruits are vertically crawling as on the battlefield with themselves 

Do you still know how to polish hard mint candies 

now having a rival mouth on your side of the river 


do you still remember 

how were you to chip out little cocklebur hearts out of my palate 

with your nails and tongue 

but never again?