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Why on my blog – 1. so you cannot delete it, 2. because of my civic duty to denounce beliefs and actions like yours. I know you have the same right to freedom of speech and to spread your beliefs. When your beliefs are becoming dangerous and limit others’ right to be (nota bene, not to speak, emigrate, eat, pee pee, but to be), I have to take a stand, there is no way around it.

I am going to call you Y, but you know who you are: you are the epitome of all the racists and close-minded of the world; all of those rednecks crouching in fear behind their hate of The Other, their inability to raise their minds and hearts to the least level of humanity. Mr.Y, I made a mistake falling for your friendship. I cannot be your friend or even an acquaintance – I have my dignity. I am from another country – and you not only hate immigrants, but also insanely militate against other human beings who happen to be born somewhere else on this planet, just like your ancestors or maybe just like you, how could I know the truth behind your propaganda? These people are born on the same planet you claim you love and for whose bushes and ladybugs you claim you’d die (in your kitchen of starvation eating only spinach and parsnip, as if these are not living things) to save them. I thought you want a debate about this subject, but you already have an agenda. I am so ashamed of myself for falling in this trap. I thought you’re a true intellectual who loves people and then has room in his heart for cockroaches also. But now I am 100% sure that you hide behind the cockroaches’ cause, umm, environmental shield, so you would comfortably lie to yourself and others about your true intentions. Mexicans maintain those fields covered in flowers you claim you love so much. The teachers who are taking care of your kids’ educations I bet they are foreigners or of foreign origin. The restaurants you pollute with your xenophobic, discriminatory, and racist presence are cleaned by Chinese people, and the list goes on and on an on. And you’re saying that all those people, only because they are not born in the same geographical location as you, they have to be limited by the government to give birth and have children, so you can preserve your footprint in your ideological mud.

Looking at you – you obviously have Soviet roots and your significant other surely is not American Indian. So, is there a bigger and crueler hypocrisy than your racist propaganda against immigrants? If we would have to work together or bump elbows in a Vietnamese cantina or a Russian bodega (or do you spread your poison at the French café?), I will surely tolerate you by being respectful and polite. But here in the virtual world, you have access to my personal stories I share with people who don’t judge me using absurd and racist criteria. I mean, you read stories about my baby and then go back to your hateful page and post KKK-like messages against people like my baby’s mother – me! That’s the ultimate insult. I will rather have you spitting on my face than this; it would show your true thoughts and feelings toward immigrants. Then you come on my page and throw your puppetry again about attitude, high moral, and etcetera. Why don’t you follow your own advice? “Another way is to set a goal about how you’d like to feel and then do what it takes to make that fiction believable. Soon it won’t be fiction.” – I really think the way you want to feel is tolerant, lover of thy neighbor, honorable, and honest. I refuse to believe that your highest expectations from yourself are: hate, envy, and narrow mind, ignorance, and cavern mentality.

As a good-bye gift: America is mine more than is yours. You didn’t gain any elevated spirit or a good heart out of the blue American sky by just being born here and you don’t have absolutely any merit in it.  I do have a merit, for I came to love America by opening my heart and mind and embracing it in all its diversity and by learning to honor and defend that! Thank you for your presence as it lasted – it was kind of instructive. Not so much instructive, because you’re not the first very foreign-looking redneck I meet who sends me back where I’m coming from and then take the stage talking about a better world with more parsnip and cockroaches.