The Pink Unicorn

Once upon a time, there was a three years old pink unicorn named Benji who loved adventures very much, but didn’t experience any yet. His mommy was very protective of him and didn’t let him venture too far into the surroundings, fearing he wasn’t strong enough, smart enough, wise enough to know good from bad and act accordingly. One morning, he asked his mommy who are all these heroes who populate all of his storybooks? Did they ever exist? Mommy said they are imagined by creative minds and never would such creatures become real, for our world is governed by common sense and practicality. Then where do the creative minds live? Deep into the Blue Forest, said mommy unicorn, guarding the big pink diamond hidden inside of one of the Magic Volcano’s thousands caves. Touching the pink diamond gives one super powers to imagine myriads of worlds of different colors, shapes, and sizes. It is very hard to get to the Blue Forest, for this forest is also imaginary and cannot be reached by foot, said mommy, gently pushing her baby unicorn toward their garden to play with his friends: “Go, sweet love, your pals are waiting for you. Stay where I can see you and please answer when I call you.”

Benji was so eager to share the story with his friends, that he didn’t have the patience to say “hello and how are you today”. He jumped directly to the conclusion, yelling and waving “Let’s go find the big pink diamond, so we can become heroes too!”  Snowflake, the little white bunny who was Benji’s best friend, put a stop to his enthusiasm, saying that he was rather ready to go climb that mound over there who got so big since yesterday after their neighbor, Mr. Ephraim, finished digging the foundation for a new hut. “I rather go help Mr. Ephraim finish his shed, so we can get a cookie afterwards, as promised by Mrs. Ephraim”, jumped in Eme, as in Emerald, the toddler caterpillar.

Then and there, Benji felt his mother is right – he is not smart enough to tell the story and convince his friends to follow him, he wasn’t even strong enough to climb that hill, although he tried really hard, but his horn kept messing up his balance, and not wise enough to keep his stories for himself until he’d find someone of equal love for adventures to share his dreams.

Benji gave in to his friends’s wish and played in the dirt for a while, trying to climb and slide and jump as best as he could. Snowflake was the fastest and Eme was the smartest, wining most of the games and contests. Benji didn’t know his best strengths yet and always got the second place at everything. His legs were stumbling, his tail got in the way, his body was too willowy, and his spirit was really down especially today. He raised his eyes toward the sky, sighing longingly. Suddenly, his horn hooked a cloud. How could that happened? Moaning and groaning, the cloud shouted visibly upset: “Child, get out of my way, would you? Or maybe you think I am some fish to be caught with your horn for dinner? I may be shaped like one, but I am an honorable cloud with an important mission for Her Highness Princes Jojo of the Blue Forest. Now let me go. “

Benji struggled with all the honesty to free the cloud while bumping into an oak tree dragging the cloud through its leaves and getting soaking wet after the cloud got very upset and burst into a sharp and cold rain. “Look at me now”, shouted the cloud, “I don’t look like a fish anymore! Princess Jojo would not be able to recognize me. Tell me, you little trouble maker, what do I look like to you right now?”  Benji could barely muster the courage to whisper, “you look like nothing I’ve seen before, but more like a chocolate chip cookie with three ears and a nose right under your chin, and I can also see your shoe hanging from a chocolate chip; and your hair is fluffy”, and then Benji started to sob out of helplessness and fear – what if the cloud would remain stuck on his horn forever and ever? He would never see the sun again or be able to go on the quest for the magic pink diamond.

 “Eme, Snowflake, please help me!” he cried out in despair. “Stay where you are, Benji, I’m going to bring your mommy to help”, one could’ve heard the echo while Snowflake was already half way through to Benji’s house. “I think the best solution is to try to blow the cloud away”, said Eme, already puffing out little bubbles of determination, but with no success. Benji followed and quit soon after the cloud scolded them “you two are tickling me, stop that right now, otherwise I will…ha ha, I can not…he he, stop it, would you?” But that giggling became contagious pretty fast and now Benji and Eme were rolling on the grass with laughter and good disposition.

to be continued. now I’m falling asleep on the keyboard. 🙂