When Benji’s mommy came galloping and puffing with worries, Snowflake close behind her, they found something resembling a ball of thistle doing somersaults and flip flaps from one tree to another. “Benji darling, are you ok? And who is this gentleman you’re holding captive?” said mommy. “Maaa, he trapped me and doesn’t let it go! Please help me”, denied Benji the very simple truth of an unintended incident.

The cloud hummed and purred:  “Ma’am, if you allow me to introduce myself, I am His Excellence Puffy of the Oblique Hill’s land, a plenipotentiary ambassador with an important mission for Her Awesomeness Princess Jojo of the Blue Forest. I was minding my own journey when your lad here wasn’t paying attention to the traffic and caught me with his horn. Now, would you please untangle me and we shall all depart with no grudges.”

Benji’s mommy accepted his story with a kind grin. “Pleased to make your acquaintance, Mr. Puffy. Now if you let me, I’ll grab what’s left of your caudal fin and pull you out in open. Are you ready?” Mr. Puffy backed up into an elm tree terrified of this preposterous idea. “Now wait a minuty blumety, ma’am, that caudal cloudal fin is my last prove of being who I am! What would happen to me if even I would not be able to recognize who I am and who I fin anymore? I kindly ask you to rather try and pull on that mushy fleshy conglomerate of vapors that got shushed under your son’s buttocks. Child, would you please move a little so this can be accomplished without much fuss and muss?”  At the sound of this speech, Benji, Eme, and Snowflake looked startled to each other, bursting into a pie of laughter more ethereal than the mushy fleshy shushedy nushedy doughish looking slice of cloud Mr. Puffyshy Muffishy was talking about.

off to dance class, to be continued. 🙂