I woke up this morning and waited silently for S. , watching her beautiful face lighten by the most angelic peace ever. Huggs and kisses when she wakes up and then this:

– Mommy, is it good morning yet? – Yes, my love, it’s good morning time. – Mommy, I had a nightmare. – Oh, no, what was the nightmare about? – It was a pink nightmare with a police officer. – What was the police officer doing? – Fine. He was doing fine, thank you.

Later on: -Mommy, are you making breakfast? – Hum hum. – Mommy, use your boice (voice) and say the word „yes”, please. It isn’t berry nice when you don’t answer to me. Always use words, like me: Mommy, can I have an ice cream con for breakfast? (mischievous face) See? It’s easy.