Reading bedtime stories – first the one about the Heffalumps. Not much into the story and trying the best I can to sound like the goofy friends from the Hundred Acres Wood, I stumble upon the exact location of the so-called monsters given by Rabbit – Heffalump Hollow. I whisper to myself, “I wonder where would that be on the map” and S. quickly answers, “I think is next to Tigger’s Hollow, at the San Diego Zoo”. Keep reading and giggling for a while, then S. sets her head on my chest turning her back to the book. “Are you ready to sleep or do you want me to finish the story?” And she says: “I just want to look into your eyes”.


I promised to myself that I would collect some of her precious answers, so I won’t forget them, but every time I am able to sit and write, I cannot remember much. One of the first smarty comebacks I’ve got from her was when she was 2 years old and we introduced the “big kids” toothpaste (with fluoride). So I’m trying to teach her not to eat the paste anymore, but she clinched her teeth on the brush and didn’t let it go. I said, “S., please open your darling mouth, so I can brush your teeth”. “ Mommy, you cannot see in my mouth, because it’s dark in there!”


“S., where did you get that cute nose? I want one for myself! Did you get it from the store? It was a fairy who gave it to you?” “I’ve got my nose from your tummy. It was sitting there and I asked him if he wants to be my best friend. And then I named him Bomo.” (most of everything is Pimi or Bomo)


I take her out to lunch the other day and she is wearing the “watermelon dress” (watermelon shaped pockets) with ruby red slippers. I am not hiding myself from her when I change my clothes, but maybe I should start doing that, considering the recent events. The host asked us if we want to eat outside or inside, S. says inside, the lady is heading inside, S. changes her mind and says “wait, no, I want outside, please”. The restaurant host is giving me the already oh so well known look I keep getting (“stop spoiling your kid” BS) and we finally sit at the table. I let S. order her drink and food (another moment of oh, ah, huh, how come!), but all is fine and we’re enjoying ourselves. First comedy central moment is when we have to go wash our hands before eating and S. tells me that I should use the door with the “men” sign on it, because I’m wearing pants. And this door here that shows a woman wearing a dress if for her only. Ok, I live through that challenge and get back at our place. A lady from another table is paying compliments to S. dress. S. is quick again and makes me wanting to hide under the table: “Thank you. This is my favorite dress. It has watermelon pockets, you see? (she stands up in her chair, showing her pockets to everybody) Mommy has undies with watermelons too and they have glitter on them! Do you want to see them?“