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Screw you, Paradigm!

Now that I got that out of the way, let’s move on to the second disclaimer. For those who had enough of me talking about my child, please jump to the middle of the second paragraph, although you’ll miss half of my point.

My daughter is a tomb boy who wore t-shirts and pants all the time until half a year ago when she suddenly became interested in wearing dresses. As the good mother that I am, I surely complied with her wish and refreshed her wardrobe with beautiful species of flora and fauna embroidered or imprinted in darling fancy dresses. This morning, she told me she is not going to wear pants (it was required for our planned expedition, where wearing a dress would have been a hazard), because “real princesses don’t wear pants and t-shirts” and if she does, then I would never call her “my princess” again! Now, I had the choice of ingurgitating an imaginary chill pill or do what I do best, which is explaining. That there is nobody in this whole world who has the right to say what “real” princesses should wear, and it’s all about real little girls here. So, a real S. should wear whatever she wants, even the “bampire” (vampire) costume for Easter, if she wants to. That she would always be the princess and the queen and the angel of my heart no matter if she were covered in mud or mustard, I don’t care. All I care is for her to be wisely dressed when needed, such as wearing pants, not dresses, when going to the animal farm for the only reason that dresses can get in the way and she may get hurt. That’s all. However, I didn’t convince her.

So, if I didn’t convince her, what am I doing here writing letters to strangers hopping they would pause a moment and think about my reasoning and change the world tomorrow? No, wait, change the world right now, right this hot moment. Then another momentum came, the bedtime stories crash. She wants The Princess and the Pea, all right. Not later than the first page, I feel my brain shifting into the fifth gear, full throttle ahead. Listen to this, people: a real princess would not be boastful and proud; a real princess would feel a tiny pea under twenty mattresses and twenty quilts. Did I already say fuck you, Archetype? I said to my daughter that I don’t like this story. She said she does, to keep reading it. I said I will finish the reading, only because sometime is more important to read bad stories than good stories. “What vain means?” she asked later, when we moved to Snow White. Vain is the majority of all the classic stories authors who had so much hate for women and were so brutal in their thinking, that not even when were blessed with a muse, they couldn’t get out of their thinking cave. I didn’t communicate this last idea to my child though.

Should I translate “proud and boastful” for my very intelligent readers? No. I would do it for the less open minded. To blame a woman she is not a real woman if she is boastful, it means you are a weak bastard who cannot stand the fact that a woman answers back to you because she: 1. has the right to express herself, no matter what (repeat after me:no matter what you want, feel, think, believe, for she has the exact equal rights), without you diagnosing her of being hysterical, stupid, second hand human being, your object, your subordinate, in need of whatever they prescribe, Prozac I guess; 2. she has something to say, so you better listen or if you don’t want to listen (it’s your right also), then keep your anger at bay and don’t raise your hand, your dictionary, your law, your male dominated human history at her; 3. she disagrees with you due to the fact that your brains were separated at birth, you both having different mothers; 4. nobody died and made you God; 5. you may be an idiot; 6. you may be a genius, but the right of free speech is not own by your elite; 7. just because.

The word “boastful” here is a degrading of the real meaning of it: dignity, self-esteem, self-confidence, and faith. But the author (no name needed, right?) had some real Freudian issues with women having self-esteem, because he feels the need to emphasize the idea by using a synonym with the second princess who fails to be a “real” one: proud.

Now let’s look at some facts, ok?

1.       The 20 most prevalent occupations for employed women in 2009 were—

1.        Secretaries and administrative assistants, 3,074,000

2.        Registered nurses, 2,612,000

3.        Elementary and middle school teachers, 2,343,000

4.        Cashiers, 2,273,000

5.        Nursing, psychiatric, and home health aides, 1,770,000

6.        Retail salespersons, 1,650,000

7.        First-line supervisors/managers of retail sales workers, 1,459,000

8.        Waiters and waitresses, 1,434,000

9.        Maids and housekeeping cleaners, 1,282,000

10.     Customer service representatives, 1,263,000

11.     Child care workers, 1,228,000

12.     Bookkeeping, accounting, and auditing clerks, 1,205,000

13.     Receptionists and information clerks, 1,168,000

14.     First-line supervisors/managers of office and administrative support workers, 1,163,000

15.     Managers, all other, 1,106,000

16.     Accountants and auditors, 1,084,000

17.     Teacher assistants, 921,000

18.     Cooks, 831,000

19.     Office clerks, general 821,000

20.     Personal and home care aides, 789,000

Thank you,

Don’t scroll down the mentioned page above, if you want to avoid a migraine, then a spike in your blood pressure, then a revolution (the logical course here).

Straight to the point: why are women still predominantly involved in so-called “pink ghetto” job market? Back to our mothers’ childhood, the norm was this: if you are a girl, you should become a teacher or a social worker or a stay home mom or a bagger at the grocery store. Math is too difficult for you; science is going to split your brains in ten slices. I almost said, in ten peas. A real woman puts her career and her need on the last place, while attending to everybody else’s needs at home. And when she finally gets outside of that home, she has to be a servant again, for insulting wages and unfair work environments. Does this mentality sound familiar to you?

Rwanda rules, how ironic! Read this:

The global female population is 52%, but women occupy only 19% of the world’s parlaments sits. Why is that? Because that’s what we hear at home, treasured from generation to generation like a malign illness that corrodes our courage, self-esteem, and dignity: God chose man as the leader of family and society; a woman’s job is to cover her mouth (and cleavage), being in desperate need of a chiropractor after breaking her neck by constantly counting the ants on the ground while speaking with a male, fall on her atavist guilty knees, and be humble, silent, and not boastful and proud! In other words, willingly and blindly allow the minority to lead the majority in a pretense of a civilized world that claims true love for democracy.

 Want more? I’ll give you more, thank God for google. World, I present your mirror:

Dear men, authentic intelligence doesn’t need physical force to win a battle. Remember more about peace while talking with women and realize that, due to your belligerent nature, if males had been the only gender on this planet, you would all have been dead by now, with nobody to bear you and mourn after you (a woman’s job).

(sorry to interrupt, but now that I am thinking of it, how in the hello had the women farmers managed to work wearing those god-awful long dresses?)

Dear women, stay proud and boastful, no matter what. I did, I do, I will. And teach your daughters to break the vicious cycle and learn to set their own standards, their own ways in the world, with honesty, dignity, courage, and high self-esteem. After all, God might have been Jesus’ creator, but Jesus came out of Mary’s womb – so there you have your reason to be divinely proud of your potential and real powers.

Teach your daughters they are nobody’s slaves; they are not to sacrifice their soul to make somebody else happy, proud, comfortable, with a full tummy and a beer plus remote control handy. Teach them that the right measurement for happiness is when they would not disappoint themselves, would remain vertical, honest, fair, and brave. Teach them every single second, every single day to stand up for themselves, to speak up, to express their feelings and their ideas without allowing anybody to dispute their right to do so, without being ashamed or guilty of being who they are.

Let them know there is no universal definition of real women (each and one of us are real only when true to ourselves), show them not to fall into the trap of acting as disguised men (clothes, manners, cloned brains) or fall into the other extreme of being on sale 10 for 1 (mother, wife, daughter, career woman, volunteer, make up plus heels on, smiley face, soccer fan, arts &crafts group leader, highly educated, warm dinner on the table) in order to be tolerated (not even accepted!)  into this world.

It is not male’s business to make room (see diverse political quotas) for women, but it is women’s highest priority to build their path in life without fear of retaliation, harassment, or banishment. Or being publicly stoned. There wouldn’t be any brain washing done to today’s world women if women would get to the source of it and turn the water off. The key to that is education (sorry, classic children stories). Tell your daughters they are not responsible for our old patterns of thinking, education, and attitude, but they are fully responsible if they rather maintain the status quo and keep perpetuating the manipulation or chose to break free and stay that way. I did, I do, I will.

Doom on you, pea.