This morning, I installed Magic desktop for her on my PC and after she gave it a try, she was still undecided if she likes it.

–         Do you want to go back to your old games (on PBS Kids)?

–         No, thanks, I want the young games now.

Later on, playing “Parking” game, she cannot empty the space, so the chosen car to get out of the garage.

–         You blue car, you’re in time out! You never ever listen to me! I will never ever play with you again. I will close this page and throw the computer away! (That’s coming from her entourage, parole!)

–         Ops, I don’t think soooo! (That’s me, eavesdropping)

She turns toward me with the sweetest smile:

–         I was just kidding, but the blue car doesn’t know I’m kidding.

It’s a little after 8PM and she plays her flute & drums & accordion quite loud. I advise her about our new neighbor possibly wanting to go to sleep.

–         But I am not disturbing our neighbor, mommy. I am playing a lullaby for her! I’m drumming very gentle now, you see? (Now she uses a Barbie doll to hold the drumsticks).

After lunch today, baking cheesecake swirl together. Sonia cracks the eggs, throws the eggshells in the bowl also, and then sticks her finger in it eating raw yolks. I tell her she has to wait after the mixture is cooked.

–         Did I just eat the chicken inside that egg, mommy?

At lunch, she doesn’t start with the vegetables as usual, but with the shrimps. I can’t refrain from being surprised and commenting about it.

This “beshtabals” (vegetables) asked me not to eat them today, because they want to go to school and learn ma – the – ma – the – ma – the – matics. Now I said it right.

This afternoon, me doing homework on the computer in the office while she’s sitting on the chez lounge “reading” a book. Actually, displaying quite a belligerent mood – I guess because I’m not playing with her at the moment.

–    Why do you have so many books in here?

–         I love books. I thought you love books too.

–         I don’t like them, because they are grown-up books. And I don’t like your office!

–         That’s ok, but why?

–         You never have any appointments in here and I like to go to appointments. (I dragged her with me to quite a few offices & appointments lately)

This evening, after reading Peter Pan.

–  I think Wendy is a grown up now and she has five babies. I think Michael is a grown up now. I think John is still a baby, just like me, but he is not wearing “biufol” (beautiful) dresses…Mommy, do you think my ladybug umbrella matches my green dress?