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Kindle dropped at $139 at amazon. Ipads, smart phones, televisions, wii, play stations….I see them all like ghosts playing in a horror Black Friday movie, with their chips elongated toward poor us, still trapped alive in this commercial nightmare, begging with their key-like missing teeth: buy me, buy me, boo hooo. Just shut up, would you? Today I will fast from technologies and instead I’ll build castles of good old wooden blocks with my daughter, model worlds out of play dough, turn off the television and computers, and stay away from all the craziness. Screw global clearance.

Although, it is food for thought why would I want a Kindle? While it took me forever to start writing directly on the computer and even now I am still more…muse blessed if I pick up my favorite yellowish paper and a black tin pen (it has to be black), cuddle up on the sofa, use a pillow as a portable desk and the world atlas book as a support and write. While all I’ve got from home when I emigrated were my books, hundreds and hundreds of them, knowing very well that nobody else would ever read them, but I knew precisely that if I would have abandoned them at home, that would have been the ultimate betrayal of my soul.

I love real books. I do know that the planet is depleted of resources and a tree is better left untouched and still cannot help myself. I do love and appreciate the Internet and still, nothing compares with shuffling for hours through real books searching for information that the web would offer it to me in a matter of seconds. I also realize that it might be about the power of habit here, which is fine; books do deserved to be loved with a pure love. This is not a sin.:-)

I believe that the reason why I am staring at this amazon deal is the fact that, above the medium and despite it, I love the written word more than its shape and form. That magic thing over there, called Kindle, is a treasure box filled with goodies. It doesn’t look spectacular and doesn’t smell as dreams, but it’s still a magic box.

Ok, let’s shut down the computer now and keep my promise. After all, I learned from my beloved books that you shouldn’t allow anything to overpower you like a black mouth of depersonalization. When you feel that’s going to happen and you’re too obsessed or too addicted to something, the best thing to do is to fast from it.