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some thoughts I had today about the failure of feminism. 🙂

did you know that we are spending more on beauty products than on Education or social services? and there is no establishment or external force imposing on us to open our designer bags to do so. men hate shopping, so this isn’t men’s fault either.

in my not that humble opinion, with billions of dollars spent every year on faking it, Beauty is no longer a virtue, but an obsession, a vice, a drug, a cover up, an incognito, a pretext, a subterfuge, an escape, you name it, it may as well be the evil himself. 🙂

you cannot declare yourself a woman anymore if you’re not using a moisturizer. and you need your highlights of the right nuance if you crave the label „classy”.

you also need to become one of the many millions of women who are spending obscene amounts of time and money on plastic surgery if you want to survive, yes survive in this crazy world. ugly women dressed sloppy don’t get hooked with powerful protectors, because no powerful macho wants to procreate with an ordinary female. and speaking of plastic surgery, did you know about the new trend among the riches of giving hot cars to boys and implant breasts to girls as their high school graduation presents?

there is a redefined „dignity” of trendsetters who cannot get out of the house without lipstick and at least some mascara on. I call it the masque and it’s hard to tell if it’s used to be recognizable or unrecognized? ok, I get it, it’s good for beautifying. 🙂

yes, we do want the man even when we hate the man or when we think we are created on this world to enjoy ourselves without being dependent on the man’s wants and desires. and in our minds the man could only possible want the perfect specimen to perpetuate our specie, none of the less. then, our mission is to be perfect, as per the many magazines for women who scientifically prove every week/month there are women out there who can perfectly deal with cosmic careers, raise little Einsteins, and keep the man happy three to four times a day, and yes, they do have time and dedication to use the moisturizer as well, let’s don’t forget to mention that!!

there is no such thing as „I am doing it for myself” when the moisturizing ritual takes place, at least I no more believe any woman who lies that beautifully to the world and to herself. we are genetically programmed to care first about the way we look while taking the trash out, getting a brazilian wax, going to vote (don’t forget the empowering suit), going on a date (it takes an average of three days to prepare for that), even when crying. I had friends so self aware when they cried, it’s not funny. raise your hand if you never cried in the mirror when the bastard made you suffer and while crying the river that needed to be cried, you also carefully analyzed your beautiful features and decided you are perfectly safe to cry in his presence as well. I confess of doing it maybe once. ok, twice. 🙂 why do you think we spend gazillions of dollars on waterproof mascara? so we can have babies later on, after becoming beautiful enough to attract the right mate, that’s why.

there is this innate need to be beautiful even when the situation calls for ugly – why do you think they invented tampons? so we can be beautifully dressed in white pants, I guess, or at least that’s what’s implied by the commercials we see every single day on the television, after the ones about women using powerful detergents.

so, I came to the fabulous conclusion that it isn’t media’s fault or even men’s fault. this is how we are, we the women. nobody else is to be blamed or judged. we are the ones who follow the little evil in our minds nagging us every second of the day – look, a wrinkle, look, cellulite, look, no flat abs, look, this blouse is out of fashion, look the OTHER woman is perfect and I am not, what could I do to be her clone? men are busy with their remote control in the meantime, so I propose we stop blaming them for it.

no feminism would ever change this, heal it, get rid of it. and with beauty as a value on the first place and education on the second, you do the math. so, as long as we are beautiful, real or fake, as long as we cannot breath without the aesthetic of it, there is no chance for real feminism, for the ethic of being a woman.

we are judged solely by our looks by ourselves first, then by all the other women, and only then come the poor men, so no matter how much we are faking the feminism, I came to agree with Maureen Dowd who brilliantly noticed that „It took only a few decades to create a brazen new world where the highest ideal is to acknowledge your inner slut”.