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Knock, knock on my door. She is around 40-ish, the type of evangelist or Jehovah whatever witness. She keeps coming around, sometime along with another lady, dragging a 9-10 years old girl with them most of the time. It got out of hand for a while there, with notes left on my doorsteps to come to their church and such, with one lady begging me to listen to her daughter reading from the Bible, otherwise I’d hurt her feelings. They stopped knocking for a while, but I see they don’t understand plain English or I need to talk with them in tongues. Perhaps they have to fill their quota of recruits in time for the holidays.

Next time I’ll get double pissed. This time I only got pissed.

First of all, if I think I’m wrong about my relationship with Jesus, I will simply ask Jesus to set some time aside for a tete-a-tete with me and clarify this and that. Isn’t that what these people preach when it comes about my religion accepting the idea of a priest as an intermediary between God and us? Using their logic – I am wrong to listen to a priest, but I’m right to listen to a bunch of strangers who don’t even respect me enough not to knock to my door when I asked them repeatedly not to knock at my door again. Bless the ignorants.

Second of all, I don’t trust people with clarifying my beliefs for myself – that’s called being nut and it leads to manipulation. If God is great, and He is, He gave me a brain to use and a heart to follow. Why would I need someone else’s mind and soul to understand what’s going on with me? I have my own Holly Ghost and I have one Savior, thank you very much, now move on.

Third, don’t you dare tell me Jesus is not God. Or that it’s a sin to celebrate my daughter’s birthday or Christmas or to drink coffee. God created such a magnificent world for us to enjoy it. Therefore, I listen to God and enjoy his world, not yours, thank you very much again.

Forth, let’s set the things straight about this ridiculous argument regarding the Sabbath being on Saturday or on Sunday! Nowhere in the Bible, do you hear me?, nowhere in the Greek translation either, it is said that Saturday is the exact day intended as a rest day. The Genesis talks about a “first day” and a “second day”, not about a “Monday” or a “Sunday” as a first day. People created the calendar after God created the world, duh. In the old time, Jewish people kept the Sabbath on Saturday. God said it’s good to respect the Sabbath, not the day of Saturday. Therefore, it’s pure craziness this stupid argument about Sunday being the first day of the week and Saturday the seventh, therefore the “official” Sabbath being on Saturday. I can set my Sabbath on Wednesday, if that’s my seventh day of a workweek! But I set it on Sunday, because I love Jesus and that’s whom I celebrate, not an old tradition that doesn’t speak to me. That’s my choice. Out of seven day, to set one aside – that’s exactly what God said. Sometime I wish I will celebrate the Sabbath every day of the week, but oh well, maybe during the next creation.

(Exodus 20:8-10) . . .Remembering the sabbath day to hold it sacred, you are to render service and you must do all your work six days. But the seventh day is a sabbath to Jehovah your God. You must not do any work. ( You see? It doesn’t say Saturday or Sunday, it doesn’t specify which future calendar to use, Maya or evangelical one.)

Fifth, and it may be the last one, ‘cuse I’m getting tired of this, about being born again via the sixth zillion baptism. Now, do you see the screwed logic of the forth point above? Ok, what follows contradicts it in a funnier way. When they talk about Sabbath, their main argument is that John, Maria, and me cannot change the law of God and celebrate it in any other day. But when it comes to baptism, if I say I was already baptized as a baby, so I don’t need another ritual, they always, always answer like this: but God is not going to consider that, because you were a baby and it wasn’t a conscious decision. You see? It’s like saying God changed his mind about baptism, but He didn’t change his mind about Sabath. While the truth is He didn’t change his mind about any of this: Sabath is a “ seventh day” (what matters is a day reserved for your soul and God) and a baptism is a baptism, period. Doing it for the second time around is like saying God didn’t do it right the first time. It doesn’t matter you weren’t an adult when the baptism happened! God knew what he was doing by sending the Holly Ghost with you! Don’t you trust God? Do you think you need a special proof when you’re a grown up that He indeed baptized you right the first time? (why don’t you perform a second circumcision too,  incredulous Thomas?) That’s you, the born again type – you didn’t trust God with the first baptism and all you are celebrating during your second one is your mistrust in Him. Or you can get baptized as many times you want for as many religions you wish, that’s ok. Just admit you’re being playful about it or that you like water and God and feeling like a new born again, but stop spreading non-sense rhetoric around.

Btw, education is not in vain. Education is actually divine in nature.